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2023 Original Leavers hoodies for New Zealand

Original Leavers Hoodie Designs in New Zealand

2023 Designs

If you want an original leavers hoodie design, talk to us, the hoodie design experts in New Zealand. For 2023, we have the widest range of hoodies to choose from, and original designs by NZ Apparel Designer, Nancy Elizabeth.

We make it super easy to design, organise and order your Original Leavers Hoodies in 2023 - keep reading to find out how!

1) Choose an NZ leavers hoodie: 

We love the HSI Origin Hoodie by Cloke for Leavers Hoodies in 2023. But if you're wanting something a bit different, take a look at our massive range of hoodies by clicking here.


HSI Leavers Hoodie

2) Choose an original NZ Leavers Hoodie Design for 2023 or submit your own

Design price depends on colours and quantity. The prices below include all setup fees and GST. If you have a different design with more colours in mind, send it through to our team for a custom quote!

Leavers Hoodies Screen Printing Prices NZ 2023

Sometimes, the best designs are the simplest. Clean and uncluttered, these simple but original Leavers Hoodies Designs will be a hit with your class.

2023 Original Leavers Hoodies Designs NZ - Clean

2023 is an amazing year for Roman Numeral Design. The double MMXXIII is a striking combination that looks good in various ways. Include everyone's name or keep it clean for your NZ Leavers Hoodie!

2023 Original Leavers Hoodies Designs NZ - Roman Numerals

Want your hoodie to stand out among the crowds? Choose one of the below designs and get noticed as the Original Leavers Hoodies travel with students to University and beyond!

2023 Original Leavers Hoodies Designs NZ - Standout

Show the strength of your class with names in a solid block on the back of the hoodies. Clear and concise, these designs are popular in some form or other every year - a tried and tested original leavers hoodie favourite in New Zealand.

2023 Original Leavers Hoodies Designs NZ - Block Names

Sometimes, a bit more structure is wanted. If you're looking for a really stand out original leavers hoodie design for your New Zealand school, check out these other designs that include your classmate's names.

2023 Original Leavers Hoodies Designs NZ - Fun name lists

If you're wanting something more stylised, this year we've got a couple of really special and unique leavers hoodie designs to choose from.

NZ Original Leavers Hoodie Designs NZ - styled

Want an original leavers hoodie design not listed here for the class of 2023? Or want to tweak one of our designs to suit your school? Maybe you want to add a front patch?

 3) Work with us to easily organise your Original Leavers Hoodie 2022!

Work with our team to finalise your leavers hoodie and we'll make a product listing you can send to your class. Let everyone choose their sizes and pay for their order online - don't get left chasing people for their payments!

Once the print deadline has arrived, our team will collate the orders, print them and ship them out - either as one package to one address, or to each person individually! (Extra postage costs apply).

Check out our example leavers hoodie listing here.

Easy to purchase original leavers hoodie designs NZ 2022

 Get in quick to ensure you're not too late for the end of year print deadline for your Original Leavers Hoodie Design!!

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