Dori Apparel Samples


We have a great range of products and it’s always hard to know which product best suits your needs.  That’s always the hardest thing when you’re shopping online, right?  We get it.

That's why we recommend purchasing singles as samples to check the quality of the product and service that we provide.

We don't require accounts, or minimums, so feel free to purchase what you need through the website.

If the product does not suit your requirements, you can send them back for a refund within 14 days, as per our Refund and Exchange Policy.

Please Note: We only accept SAMPLE returns of one unit per style, colour and size.  ALL RETURNS will incur a $2.50 per item restocking fee. Read why here.
We recommend purchasing SINGLES as samples before placing a larger order, as we will not accept returns of more than one unit per style, colour and size.



Sizing can be so difficult!

As you're probably aware, there are no "standard" sizing charts which can make it tricky. Every brand sizes so differently.

To make this easier, every product has its own size chart listed on the website (might need to scroll down a bit to find it). The best thing to do is find a similar item of clothing you already like to wear and lay it flat on a bed or table. Measure that garment from armpit to armpit - this is the measurement you'll want to match on the size chart.

If you're trying to kit out a team or workplace, you're welcome to purchase 1 of each size of a style and have everyone try on the different sizes to find their perfect fit. 

Just ensure the garment is in its original condition, unsoiled with tags attached, if you wish to send it back to us! (Check our terms and conditions)