Why a website is so important?

Why a website is so important?

When a customer considers buying from you, they want to know you're a trustworthy retailer.

Whether you're selling 500 Polo Shirts to a school, or you're selling a printed t-shirt on Facebook, your customers want to know you're not going to rip them off. Fair enough too!

The easiest way to earn some credibility is a good looking website. Your customers will learn a whole bunch of things from your website that will help put their mind at ease.

Here are a few of the things that you NEED to have on your website;

About Us

Customers want to know who you are, what you do, why they should trust you. So write a page that shows your customers who you are and why they should work with you.


How can your customers reach you? This means you don't need a business card!

Frequently Asked Questions

This is important too - answer your customer's questions before they ask them. If you're often being asked "Can you print t-shirts", answer that question on your website because there will be a lot of people who have that same question but aren't asking.

Returns and Refunds

If a customer isn't happy with the products they buy from you, how can they get their money back? Hint: you can copy most of the details from our Refund and Exchange Policy

Feedback and Reviews

If you can, get some feedback from your customers. A picture of happy customers wearing your gear is even better.

Where do I get a website from?

The easiest way to get a website is to sign up with a host like Inmotion. They're cheap and easy to put together, and companies like Inmotion automate the entire setup of Wordpress.

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