The EASY Way to get your Teams Sizes

The EASY Way to get your Teams Sizes

Soooo frustrating.

If you have a big sports team, you know how hard it can be to get everyone's sizes when it comes to uniform time.

Here's a great wee trick that some of our customers use...

Google Forms!

All you probably need is the name of your team member and their size. Or maybe you need more details, like their address for delivery, jacket or no jacket, men's or women's fit? 

Google Forms makes this easy, check this out...

T-Shirt Sizes with Google Forms

It's super easy to create a form with the details that you need, and then share that form to your team through Email, Facebook Messenger or however you contact your team. 

Results are shown in a really easy to understand spreadsheet.

No more late nights of working out who you don't have sizes for, so easy!

Feel free to add your entry to the example form below, and see how it works in the spreadsheet HERE

Jump into Google Forms HERE and give it a go!