Screenprinting your Apparel

Screenprinting your Apparel

Every day I have customers asking about screenprinting, it's a tricky process!

When Dori Apparel started trading in 2005, I was printing on t-shirts with computer cut heat pressed vinyl transfers. This was a really easy process, but it was slow going, especially for big orders.

Because heat pressed vinyl transfers were slow, I looked into screenprinting, hunted around, bought some screenprinting gear and gave it a go.

Wow, what a mission. I have huge respect for those good screenprinters out there, it's hard work to do a nice job! A skill that I'm sure takes years and years to perfect.

Starting a new brand?

If you're starting a new apparel brand, here is my advice for you - Spend your time on branding and marketing and get someone else to print your gear. Start with one design, make sure people like your design (not just your friends and family, they'll like anything you do), and get a few printed in the one design.

Do you need screenprinting done?

If you need screenprinting done, there are lots of great screenprinters out there. Here are a few tips to finding a great screenprinter...

  • Find one that has pictures of their premises on their website. If their work area is tidy, their work is probably pretty good too.
  • Try and look for some testimonials on their website.
  • See their work in their shop if possible. Take a close look at it.
  • Avoid the cheapest option. I know it sounds good, but they are probably cheap for a reason. They may be a bit rough with their work or they might just take ages.
  • Finally, if you're still not sure, just ask us, we deal with a couple of great printers regularly who do great work for us and for our clients.

If you'd rather we managed your printing, we can manage that for you, just flick us an email through the Contact page and let us know what you want.