Double Niche Designs for the Win!

Double Niche Designs for the Win!

Coming up with t-shirt designs can be hard work, but there is a trend that we see strengthening from year to year - niche your niche.

We've seen this a hundred times before, and it's getting easier to spot. Those t-shirt brands that niche within a niche do really well, far more often than those brands that don't.

Let's have a look at two possible scenarios for your t-shirt brand...


A Niche

A niche would be a t-shirt line of inspirational quote designs.


A Niche in a niche

A niche in a niche would be a t-shirt line inspiration quote designs that are associated with yoga.

 Double Niche T-Shirt Design

Our customers that do this are doing well, some are far too busy even!


It's not a riddle, it works! Here's an example...

Want to create a brand of kids clothing? Awesome! But niche one step deeper. What kind of kids? Kids that like trucks? Kids in Taranaki? Kids that love rugby?

When a customer comes across your niche brand, they're likely to know someone who fits that niche, so they're far more likely to share your products with their friend. 


Here's how it works...

You're browsing Facebook, and you come across a sponsored post that is promoting a range of funny slogan t-shirts that have been designed for ginger haired people. Well, most of us know a ginger guy or girl with a sense of humour, so you tag that person in the post, just for a laugh. 

That ginger friend of yours has another ginger friend who also might find that funny, so they tag them in. Now the design is starting to go viral.

If this t-shirt range didn't specialise in designs for ginger people, it'd just be another funny t-shirt on Facebook, but it's more relevant because it's a whole range of t-shirts just for ginger people.

You'd rather fail?

Some of the coolest t-shirt brands in New Zealand have failed because they've tried to cater for all areas of their niche.

These brands haven't failed because of Chinese imports or the Otara Markets, they've failed because they haven't specialised.