Custom Tags and Labels

Whether you're a school, sports team or streetwear brand, you're probably wanting to personalise your range. Retagging is the ultimate in apparel personalisation. We can change the labels that are on your products, removing the original tags (eg 'Gildan') and add your own tag to the garment. Legally you need to keep some information on the garment, like the place of origin, care instructions, size and material composition. Luckily for you, many of our products have those details on another, smaller tag behind the existing brand tag. We leave that one on.

Have it your way.

Labels can be added to your garments in a number of different places, you just let us know where you want them. Some people choose to leave the original tags in and add sleeve pip, some choose to just replace the neck tag and some of our customers choose to do both.

The Taggable Range

See the Taggable Range